There are many active environmental projects occurring city-wide, ranging from many areas such as managing natural areas, improving active transportation, reducing waste and emissions. Our team is hoping to keep you in the loop on the various initiatives - and ways you can support them! Click the various projects below to learn more.

60% Waste Diversion Strategy

The strategy aims to divert 60% of London's waste by 2025. Includes Green Bin program, improved recycling and piloting new recyclable options like textiles. London's landfill will reach capacity in 4 years.

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Monarch Butterfly

Climate Change & Climate Action in London

Council declared a climate emergency in April 2019. An urgent response is needed locally to the changing climate. The goal is to reduce London's greenhouse emissions by 30% by 2030.

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Willow Tree

Urban Forest

London, Ontario is well known as the Forest City, but what is it doing to support the urban tree canopy?

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Antler/Thames River

River Water Quality

Deshkan Ziibi (also known as Antler River or The Thames River) is a Canadian Heritage river, and is part of a large watershed covering a significant portion of Southwestern Ontario, running into Lake Erie.

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City Bus

Transportation Master Plan

Provide more attractive travel choices for hose who live, work, and play in London by 2030.

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Invasive Plant Management Strategy

Address invasive species that exert substanitial negative effects on the ecosystem in the long term.

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City of London

The London Plan

The future playbook for the City until 2035. This includes a plan to build an attractive city to live, invest, and offer opportunities of prosperity to everyone.

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Downtown London

Urban Agriculture Strategy

To help the municipality and communities of London work together and support each other develop a positive environment for urban agriculture in the city.

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Migrating Birds

Bird Friendly Skies

To help create a safer and more environmentally friendly experience for migrating birds.

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Cycling Master Plan

The Master Plan is a blueprint for future planning, design, development, and programming related to cycling.

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