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Green in the City is an annual event series organized by the City of London, London Public Library, and London Environmental Network. The series aims to explore sustainability topics through a local lens by highlighting leaders in various sectors, including grassroots groups, institutions, nonprofits, government, and businesses. Learn about these local examples and how to get involved to make London one of the greenest, most resilient cities in Canada!

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 has wrapped up: 

Stay tuned for more events happening in the community in Fall 2023, and thank you to everyone who joined us!

Click here to view past Green in the City event recordings.

"This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and support local initiatives already taking place in London," says Skylar Franke, City Counsellor for Ward 11 (previous Executive Director of the London Environmental Network).  "There are over 43 environmental organizations in London with activities happening every week.  This series of free presentations, discussion and workshops highlights the important issues being tackled in London and ideally inspire individuals to support - in some way - these critical efforts." 

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