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Green in the City is an annual event series organized by the City of London, London Public Library, and London Environmental Network. The series aims to explore sustainability topics through a local lens by highlighting leaders in various sectors, including grassroots groups, institutions, nonprofits, government, and businesses. Learn about these local examples and how to get involved to make London one of the greenest, most resilient cities in Canada!

The 2023 - 2024 Green in the City series has wrapped! Thank you to everyone who joined us at a library or city facility to talk and explore a variety of impactful sustainability topics here in London.

Previous Events:

Tuesday, April 16th - Grand Finale at Central Library/ Wolf Performance Hall

The finale of this year’s 2023/2024 event series brings together three esteemed⁠ speakers who share their insights, experience, and passion for addressing⁠ climate challenges in London and in similar communities:⁠

  • City of London Mayor, Josh Morgan, who has served on London City Council for almost ten years and has been a proud Londoner for more than twenty-five years.
  • Dr. Karen Farbridge, an advisor to federal, provincial and municipal policy makers and industry leaders on building sustainable and resilient communities. She was also Mayor of Guelph for 11 years. Karen will be the keynote speaker at this event.
  • Milfred Hammerbacher, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of S2E Technologies Inc., the company that has played a key role in the development of West 5, Ontario’s first neighbourhood powered by the sun, and are the developers of EVE Park in the Riverbend area. Milfred has been active in the London climate change space for over a decade.

January 9th - Green Bin Information Session

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for the virtual Green Bin Information Session. We hope you liked the session and enjoyed listening to our panel of speakers.

Thank you for sharing your questions (about 215) and comments (about 65) with the City during the Green in the City webinar on the Green Bin and other collection program changes. Brief answers to the questions are here to download (PDF of Q&A questions). Please note that many details can be found on the City of London webpage at Your questions have been very helpful as our program rolls out implements and improvements made, where possible.

You can also view a copy of the slide deck sharing an Overview of Green Bin and Collection Services here: PDF of slideshow

Check below for other upcoming Green in the City events.

March 9th - Connecting Climate and Nature: Discover the Westminster Ponds Centre

Thank you so much for joining us at this Green in the City session where we learned about how climate change affects nature, and how you can spot the impacts in your very own backyard! 

Thank you to Rebecca Launchbury, Conservation Lands Manager with Thames Talbot Land Trust who took groups around the Westminster Ponds Centre to learn about the impacts of climate change on nature, and presentations by Shaquille Sealy from ReForest London and Kevin Gouweloos from Upper Thames River Conservation Authority who discussed the importance of local ESA's and the Westminster Ponds Centre.

Click here to view past Green in the City event recordings.

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