Native Plant Sale Fundraiser

2024 is the year to make your garden more environmentally-friendly and support local environmental groups. Buy plugs of your favourite native plants, come pick them up May 25th and viola, you'll have a beautiful garden in no time. Hurry and order them by May 12th!


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Bonus: Have you been gardening with native plants? Send us your photos for a chance to win up to 25% off your order. More details here.


Retrofits for All

In October 2023, the LEN announced a new way to support sustainable building retrofits in the community: Retrofits for All. 
Funds raised from this campaign will go towards one of the LENs programs: Nonprofit Resiliency Project (NRP), a program that supports low-income nonprofit organizations in London and Middlesex that provide housing for vulnerable groups. Partnering with eight organizations, this program is taking steps towards big change by implementing sustainable retrofits across more than twenty multi-unit residential buildings, transforming them into more energy-efficient, comfortable, and resilient spaces.
Thanks to your support, we raised $9,135.97 to go towards retrofit support in 2023! Due to the amount of interest we received, we have decided to keep this fund open year-round so you can make one-time or monthly donations towards Retrofits for All.




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