Bus Lane
2030 Smart Moves Transportation Master Plan

The key goal is to provide more attractive travel choices for those who live, work and play in London by 2030.

To achieve this there will have to be significant improvements in transit service and support for walking, cycling and carpooling. With the reduction of individual commuting this will reduce the need for costly and disruptive widening projects and overall environmental benefits.

Read the Executive Summary 2030 Smart Moves Transportation Master Plan here.

Recent Updates
  • The Bus Rapid Transit Network consists of two corridors: north-south along Richmond & Wellington, and east-west along Oxford & Dundas
  • There will also be feeder services to support ridership on the Bus Rapid Transit
  • Increase ridership to 35% from 25% by 2024
  • Downtown Loop updates 
  • Phase one of the downtown loop is set to begin this spring. This phase of of the BRT will focus on King Street and is set to be completed by the end of the year.