60% Waste Diversion Action Plan and the W12A Landfill

In late 2018, Council passed a motion to approve a 60% Waste Diversion Action Plan, which includes the launch of a Green Bin program for London. The proposal also includes new recycling programs to take other materials such as clothing, ceramics, and wooden furniture. Funding for the Action Plan was approved on March 2, 2020 which allowed the actions to start.

The City is undertaking an Environmental Assessment to expand the city-owned W12A Landfill. It is currently estimated that the landfill will be full by 2024. Read more here.

Recent Updates as of January 25, 2021
  • City launched a survey to get feedback on the Green Bin program for items such as; what to include in the bin, size of bin, frequency of pickups. It will remain active until mid-February 2021. Complete it here.
  • The Green Bin program was originally supposed to launch in late 2021, but is now expected to roll by fall of 2022 (delays due to COVID). Updated details on the Green Bins and other parts of the 60% Waste Diversion Action Plan can be found here.
  • Urban Roots London is an urban agriculture non-profit organization that produces organic vegetables and herbs for consumers and social enterprises. Urban Roots London has a community compost pile where organic waste can be dropped off during their regular season.