Our Past Projects

Since the beginning of the London Environmental Network (LEN), we have been working on some amazing projects. Thank you to all the support from the community, sponsors, volunteers, and staff to make these projects possible. Although these projects have concluded we still want to share with you the successes of the programs.


Environmental Action Incubator


The Environmental Action Incubator Program works with members of LEN to implement projects that demonstrate a positive impact on the local environment. These projects include events, educational programs, reducing carbon footprints, equipment upgrades, and so much more. This program concluded in 2023, however, stay tuned for a new program launching later this year.


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Depave Paradise


Depave Paradise was a program we ran with Green Communities Canada. In total, we depaved four locations. At each location, we removed pavement and replaced it with permeable pavement and native plants. For similar projects check out Thriving Communities.


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We created seven episodes of our podcast "London, ON: One of Canada’s Greenest Cities?". In our podcast, we go over topics like cycling, local food, the river, and so much more.


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