Nonprofit Resiliency Project


The Government of Canada has announced its commitment to equitably transitioning to an electrified economy by 2050 - meaning that electricity will be 100% powered by clean energy rather than fossil fuels. Although this ambitious commitment will lead to improved sustainability, marginalized communities, and nonprofit organizations are in danger of being left behind due to barriers in accessing retrofit funding. 

Retrofit programs and financing tools that support energy-efficient improvements have traditionally excluded and/or placed restrictions on unique building types. MURBS - multi-unit residential buildings - house a disproportionate share of Ontario’s minority, low-income, and other vulnerable groups but have been vastly underrepresented

The Nonprofit Resiliency Project strives to fill this gap by retrofitting MURBs owned by low-income nonprofit organizations with new and emerging sustainable technologies. With these upgrades, they can become more efficient, safer, comfortable, and resilient places that can better anticipate, prepare for and adapt to changing climate conditions. 

Through this program, we can ensure that these types of organizations are not left behind in the transition to an electrified economy and we are proud to offer a program that is equitable, just, and inclusive.

Want to retrofit your housing nonprofit? Check out funding opportunities!

Read about our program through the London Community Foundation




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