Nonprofit Resiliency Project

The NRP is designed exclusively for nonprofit organizations that own multi-unit residential building(s) that either temporarily or permanently house individuals. The target is to improve the sustainability of 30 buildings in total. 
Aligning with our objective of promoting energy justice and inclusion, the Nonprofit Resiliency Project (NRP) will provide knowledge, training, resources and guidance to improve sustainability for under-served groups and/or communities in London and the surrounding area. 

The NRP will begin with a walkthrough of the building(s) to collect data in order to measure the current impact. From there, a sustainability report with recommended projects to implement will be developed. At that point, our staff will work together with participating organizations to create a customized action plan with information about how to move forward with projects. There will also be numerous opportunities for anyone - from building managers to staff to tenants - to be involved. In particular, the NRP will offer webinars, community events, workshops and kits to help jump-start sustainability journeys.
Participants Receive: 
  • All services and offerings will be provided free of charge 
  • Each participating organization will receive $1,000 for signing up
  • All organizations that sign up on or before November 20, 2022, will receive a $100 gift card to the Green Economy London member of their choice!


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