Urban Forestry 

London is located in the Carolinian forest region - one of the most diverse environments in Canada. London's tree canopy cover goal is 34% of the city by 2065, and is currently around 24% coverage.

About 90% of tree planting opportunities in the City of London reside on private property, which means residents, businesses and organizations have a huge role to play in tree planting in our community.

The Urban Forestry Management Strategy is a plan that engages citizens and outlines the necessary steps the City must track to protect, enhance, and monitor the urban forest the defines the London as the “Forest City”.

For all City-related tree inquires please visit their website here

To get a tree for your yard or volunteer for a tree planting, check out ReForest London or the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority.

Recent Updates
  • City staff provided an update to the Tree Protection Bylaw in November 2020 which outlined the decrease in protected tree areas due to improved GIS mapping (removing tree protection areas that were in people's backyards). (Nov 2020)
  • This update also included no change to the Distinctive Tree definition size and maintaining the 50cm or greater diameter was recommended. ReForest London and the London Environmental Network advocated for City Council to increase their protections to 40cm dbh, which would have required 2 more bylaw staff to enforce.
  • The Planning & Environment Committee (PEC) made a motion to Council to request that staff make a business plan to add 2 new staff people to the 2021 budget to achieve the monitoring of the 40cm dbh protection level, and this motion failed at Council. (Nov 2020)
  • Have you planted any trees since 2011? Your trees count towards London's Million Tree Challenge. Visit milliontrees.ca to learn more and make your tree count.
  • London has a Tree Planting Strategy which will be revised this year. For more information about the upcoming plan click here.