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Our Mission (What we do)

The London Environmental Network (LEN) connects, educates and supports individuals and local organizations in transitioning to a more sustainable future.

We work to build strong, resilient organizations so they can be more effective at creating positive environmental change over the long term. The London Environmental Network also acts as a doorway into the environmental non-profit sector so Londoners can more easily learn about environmental efforts in our city and how to get involved. We support businesses through Green Economy London to help them set and achieve sustainability goals.

Our Programs

Green Economy London - we support businesses and organizations in setting and achieving sustainability targets. Businesses are encouraged to track their emissions, waste or water usage, figure out a sustainability action plan and start making reductions!

Network Supports - we offer our environmental member organizations a suite of supports including; shared resources, networking events, workshops, conferences, promotional support and connection to resources.

Our Vision (Why we do it)

We believe that by cultivating a strong, cohesive and empowered environmental community, we will engage more Londoners in growing a healthy, sustainable city.

Our History

Many London environmental groups have seen a need for a more organized way of getting our message out to the public, so we can make significant progress in the environmental issues facing us.

In 2013, twenty-five groups gathered together to discuss the needs that a network might address. Thames Talbot Land Trust and ReForest London collaborated on a grant to Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) and were fortunate to receive funding to operate the network for three years.

LEN officially launched to the public on March 27, 2015.

The London Environmental Network was created to help protect our environment and build a sustainable community by supporting local environmental organizations improve their internal capacity and ability to deliver on their missions.

The London Environmental Network provides our member organizations with shared resources, and training, outreach and collaboration opportunities so they can become stronger and work more effectively together. It also connects groups to the London community, recruits volunteers, and promotes environmental events, initiatives and successes.

LEN was officially incorporated as a nonprofit organization in March 2018. The three formative years that LEN spent being supported by Thames Talbot Land Trust and ReForest London allowed for LEN to grow and shape our programming in a stable environment. 

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The London Environmental Network helps protect our environment and build a sustainable community by doing everything we can to help our member organizations deliver on each of their own important missions.The London Environmental Network provides our member organizations..Read More

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