The London Environmental Network (LEN) is an environmental charitable organization based in London, Ontario, Canada. The LEN helps to protect our environment and build a more sustainable city by offering environmental programs and climate action opportunities for all residents.

Our Vision

London is known as one of the greenest and most resilient cities in Canada.

Our Mission

We build participation, collaboration, and capacity in our community to co-create positive environmental change.

Our Values

  • Collaboration: We engage with our communities to connect, collaborate, and work together.
  • Bold & Urgent: We are ready to be bold and act swiftly to confront the environmental issues facing London.
  • Culture: We inspire ourselves and others and maintain a supportive and positive environment for growth.
  • Sustainability: As stewards of the natural world, it is our duty to ensure the planet lives on for future generations.
  • Leadership: We inspire innovation and lead the community to act in unison to co-create change.
  • Integrity: We make our decisions based on what best serves people and the planet and behave openly, honestly, ethically and authentically in all our activities and relationships.

Our Programs

Green Economy London Logo

Green Economy London (GEL) is one of nine Green Economy Canada hubs that supports businesses to set and achieve sustainability targets. Our team guides businesses to measure their waste, water, and emissions and make actionable plans to reduce their environmental impact, proving that sustainability and business go hand-in-hand. Learn more here.

Greener Homes London Logo

Greener Homes London provides residents with the guidance, tools, and resources to assist them with reducing their environmental impact at home. 


We work with local and national partners to implement Green Infrastructure projects in London. Examples of green infrastructure are parks and green spaces, bioswales, rain gardens, urban forests, wetlands, green roofs and walls. Our Green Infrastructure program includes the Residential Rain Garden Pilot Program with the City of London as well as our work with Green Communities Canada under their Living Cities Framework and their former Depave Paradise program. Learn more here.

Nonprofit Resiliency Project Logo

The Nonprofit Resiliency Project (NRP) supports low-income nonprofit organizations in London and Middlesex that provide housing for vulnerable populations. By collaborating with nine such organizations, the project aims to implement sustainable retrofits across the 26 multi-unit residential buildings owned by these organizations, transforming them into more efficient, comfortable, and resilient spaces, ultimately achieving net-zero emissions. Learn more here.

CERRC Deshkan Ziibing Retrofit Pilot Logo

In partnership with Chippewas of the Thames First Nation (COTTFN), this program involves running a pilot project with a COTTFN resident to audit their home and develop a pathway to net-zero emissions, and then implementing home retrofit projects to reach their emissions target. Learn more here.

Environmental Action Incubator Logo

The Environmental Action Incubator Program supports six community projects a year that enhance waterways, reduce emissions, and reduce waste. We provide $1,000 each in funding as well as coaching and promotional support to make the project come to life! Learn more here.

Network Supports Logo

We offer our environmental member organizations a suite of Network Supports including; shared resources, networking events, workshops, conferences, promotional support and connection to resources. Learn more about our member organizations here.

Green in the City Logo

Throughout the year, we host various environmental events that aim to educate Londoners about local environmental topics and ways to get involved. One of these events is our annual Green in the City series, hosted in partnership with the City of London and the London Public Library. Learn more about Green in the City here.

There's always something going on in the environmental sector! Be sure to check out our Get Involved page for a full list of events, volunteering, and more activities to help make London a greener city. 

We are Living Wage Certified!

Living Wage Certified BadgeThe London Environmental Network is proud to be a Living Wage Employer and part of the Ontario Living Wage Network. This means that our employees are given the hourly wage a London worker needs to earn to cover their basic expenses and participate in their community. We believe providing a living wage to all employees supports our vision for a more sustainable and equitable future, and align with our policies to support Decent Work Initiatives for employees in the nonprofit sector.