If you are a community group or non-profit organization working for environmental protection or preservation, sustainability, or a greater appreciation for nature – join us!

When your organization becomes a member of the London Environmental Network (LEN), you benefit from networking and training opportunities, participation in a portal for environmentally-minded Londoners, recruitment of more volunteers and supporters through LEN outreach, and access to shared resources.

Want to see your group become more effective in achieving its environmental goals?
Fill out our Membership Application.

Please make sure your organization fulfills our Membership Criteria Policy. Currently, for-profit businesses and individuals are ineligible for membership. If you are a business or organization seeking support to become more sustainable, please check out our Green Economy London program.

After you apply, your application will go to our Board of Directors for review of eligibility given our existing membership policy. If eligible, the Board will approve and you will receive an email letting your group know you have been accepted as a member and onboarding information. This process may take 1-3 months depending on Board meeting schedules. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] to follow up if you have any questions.

Membership Benefits

Membership Fees

We charge members a small, sliding scale, annual membership fee. Please see the table below for the cost of membership:

Criteria* (based on annual budget) Fee
For Indigenous organizations, the membership is waived & for those with $0-$500 budgets $0
For those with $500-$4,999 budgets $25
For those with $5,000+ budgets $50
For those with $50,000+ budgets $100
For those with $100,000+ budgets $200

*if this is out of your budget, please reach out to [email protected] to discuss other options.

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