Seeking: Residential Retrofit Pilot Project Applicants

Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, Treaties, Land and Environment Department, with the London Environmental Network, are seeking COTTFN applicants for a home retrofit that will help residents save money and reduce their GHG emissions, while providing a demonstration project for the community to learn about clean energy technologies.

We are selecting 1 home on COTTFN territory for this round of funding to make improvements that help with energy efficiency and upgrades that will reduce the use of propane. Upgrades may include; increased insulation, new windows and doors, electric heating and cooling system, electric hot water system, efficient appliances, low flow water fixtures, solar array and more.

The updates are scheduled to be done throughout 2022. During this time, we will be hosting training sessions at the home. After the retrofit is complete, we will be hosting tours of the completed project. We will require utility data (hydro and gas bills) from before and after the retrofit to complete case studies and share them. We ask that you are in good standing with your housing loan to apply. Please read the following questions and ensure that you are comfortable opening your home up for the project. Thank you for your interest in clean energy! For assistance or for more information, email [email protected]

Eligibility Requirement

  • take part in preliminary consultation and sign a project agreement.
  • allow our program hosts to conduct hands-on learning sessions on your property, where filming will take place (up to 10 sessions
    throughout 2022 and 2023).
  • allow our team to host up to 4 tours to showcase the technology post retrofit
  • provide utility data / bills for up to 3 years prior to retrofit and 1 year after retrofit.
  • be in good standing with COTTFN housing loan program.

Click here to apply if you meet the eligibility requirements.


Capacity Building & Mentorship Opportunities

  • Staff mentorship and training in residential sustainability programming and community outreach
  • Community, youth and trades education and skills training in sustainable retrofit technology and building science
  • Demonstration and pilot project of a (near) net zero retrofit 
  • Online webinars to share with other remote communities
  • Next steps plan development for community residential energy efficiency program delivery,
  • Professional case studies, mail outs and storytelling 


If you'd like to read up on home to make your home more sustainable, download this free Sustainability Guide.


Project Partners:


Project Supported by:

Natural Resources Canada | URISA