Migrating Birds
Bird Friendly Skies

This plan is to create a safer and more environmentally friendly experience for migrating birds. The focus is on limiting light pollution, reduce light energy waste, and
provide window treatments to prevent birds from flying into buildings. 

Light pollution impacts behaviours of birds, fish and bugs. London is following other municipalities across Ontario by implementing outdoor lighting ordinances to to save energy, costs, and have an ecological impact. 

For tips to make your home or office safe for birds visit birdsafe.ca or Nature Canada for more information about bird friendly cities. 




Recent Updates
  • A City of London Ecologist is a member of Bird City Team as the liaison to the municipality.
  • The City of London has a web page committed to making London a Bird Friendly City which includes links to policies, local groups, and programs that help to protects birds.
  • The London Plan has documentation on environmental policies to protect and enhance bird
    habitat and specific bird friendly policies including:
    • Establishing London as a pollinator sanctuary
    • Using material to limit bird strikes
    • Reduce glare, light trespass, and skyglow to promote energy conservation, reduce impacts on wildlife, and support healthy  neighbourhoods.
  • Regulatory and educational measures taken to help control and reduce populations of cats roaming at large.