General Questions

Is the London Environmental Network (LEN) run by the City of London?

The London Environmental Network (LEN) is an independent registered charity and is not run by the City of London. The City of London is a supporter of LEN, and often partners with LEN on events and programs to increase environmental engagement in the community, such as Green in the City and the Residential Rain Garden program.

Is LEN a charity?

Yes. LEN became a registered charity in 2021.

Can I volunteer?

Yes, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities in the environmental sector! Sign up to volunteer here . Or, join our volunteer bank to receive volunteer opportunities from our 40+ network member organizations here

Where are you based?

We are based in London, Ontario, Canada. Our network serves London & surrounding area including Middlesex, Elgin, and Norfolk counties.

Can my business be a member of LEN?

Businesses are not eligible to be members of LEN. However, businesses can be a member of Green Economy London, one of LEN’s programs that supports organizations to set & achieve sustainability targets.

How can individuals be members of LEN?

At the moment, only non-profit organizations comprised of more than 1 individual (incorporated or unincorporated) can be members of LEN. Please see our Membership Policy for more information on LEN member eligibility criteria. There are plenty of ways individuals can still get involved with LEN, such as signing up for our newsletter, attending events , and volunteering with our membership.

Greener Homes London

Do you offer EnerGuide Assessments (home energy assessments)?

No, LEN stopped offering this service in January 2024.

Green Bin Program

Does LEN help run the Green Bin Program?

No, London's Green Bin program is run by the City of London. At LEN, we often share information about the green bin program on our platforms to raise awareness and help Londoners adopt the program in their homes.

Who should I contact with questions about the Green Bin?

[email protected] or use the Recycle Coach App

Can parchment paper go in the Green Bin?

No. It must be put in the garbage.