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Green Economy London offers a practical approach for businesses that want to create a more sustainable future for their business, employees, and community.

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Unlike many other sustainability options, we empower businesses with a cost-effective, practical, collaborative and community-based approach.

Together, with our business and institutional members, their employees, and supporting partners, Green Economy London proves the business-case for sustainability by demonstrating how reducing emissions can improve the bottom line, mitigate business risks, help develop a credible brand, and improve the ability to attract and retain consumers, shareholders, and top tier employees.

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We are actively seeking supporters and sponsors that share our goals for a green economy for 2023 and beyond. If this sounds like the right fit for your organization, please view our Sponsorship Opportunities here and reach out to us!

About Green Economy Canada

The London Environmental Network (LEN) connects and supports local non-profits and community groups working with an environmental focus. We work to build strong, resilient organizations so they can be more effective at creating positive environmental change over the long term. The London Environmental Network acts as a doorway into the environmental sector so Londoners can more easily learn about environmental efforts in our city and how to get involved. LEN is Green Economy London's host organization. 

Green Economy Canada LogoGreen Economy Canada works with community organizations to launch, grow, and promote Green Economy Hubs across Canada. Green Economy Hubs support local networks of businesses to set and achieve sustainability targets — bringing together, empowering, and celebrating businesses as they achieve their goals. There are currently Green Economy Hubs in Hamilton-Burlington, Kingston, Sudbury, Waterloo Region, York Region, and London. 

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