Green Economy London (in development)

Green Economy London
A program in development 

The London Environmental Network has been working to develop a new program for London businesses and organizations interested in reducing their environmental impact. We have been working for the last year on developing a local Green Economy Hub, which when we launch we plan to call Green Economy London.

Green Economy London will support a network of businesses to set and achieve sustainability targets. The Hub will bring together, empower, and celebrate businesses as they achieve their goals. We are applying to be an Emerging Member this year, through Green Economy Canada, which started the first Hub in Waterloo ten years ago and currently has 7 locations across Ontario.

In the past year, staff and volunteers of the London Environmental Network have contacted over 200 business leader and had 1-1 meetings with over 25 different organizations to discuss this program. With support from the City of London, we have also completed a business plan. We have secured initial funding for this program through the City of London's Innovation Grants as well as the London Community Foundation's Community Vitality Grant, and hope to launch in the next year.

As a result of implementing sustainable change, local businesses will experience benefits including decreased operation costs; decreased risk (in the face of upcoming legislation for example); increased employee engagement; improved environmental outcomes; retention and talent attraction; and improved public image and brand value.

If more organizations in London take action to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) and pollutant, water consumption and waste generation, many environmental and social benefits would be experienced at the local level. These benefits include a greater sense of community identity and shared purpose, and improved compliance with environmental regulations resulting in reduced litter and pollution.

If you want to learn more about Green Economy Canada, click here. You can also read a story about our work with Green Economy Canada in developing a local Hub here.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please email We’d love to connect.

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  • Nicholas Andrew
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    Go London Go!


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