The Green Leader Awards is an annual celebration and award ceremony to recognize the outstanding achievements of members and volunteers of the London Environmental Network and Green Economy London.

2024 Green Leader Awards will be taking place on April 10th, 2024 at RBC Place London, 300 York Street.


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Green Economy London Awards (Stay Tuned for Nominees)

Emissions Reduction of the Year

Recognizes a member who has implemented a project over the past year that has/will have a significant impact on reducing their GHG emissions.

Rookie of the Year:

Recognizes the most active and accomplished new member of Green Economy London* 

*Joined since January 2023

Environmental Steward of the Year

Recognizes a member’s involvement, participation, and leadership in projects and actions that positively impact the community and ecosystems of London and surrounding area.

Circularity Award

Recognizes a member that has implemented projects that reduce and/ or divert waste at their organization.

Green Project Implementation Award

Recognizes a member who has implemented project(s) at their facility that are inspirational, educational, effective (or all of the above) that relates to reducing the environmental impacts of their organization.

Environmental Network Awards

Outstanding Member Award

Recognizes a LEN Member that has had a significant impact on the local environment. They may have made an impact on the environment by developing a local solution or furthering sustainability innovation in technology or program delivery by creative thinking and adapting to the changing needs of the community.

Nominate an Outstanding Member

Community Impact (Incubator)

Goes to an organization or community group that implemented a project that benefited the environment and community within the past year through the Environmental Action Incubator program.

Community Choice (Community Voted)

Recognizes an individual who demonstrates outstanding environmental leadership and a commitment to sustainability in their personal lives. They may have started an initiative to raise awareness and take environmental action in their workplace or elsewhere in the community.

Nominate a Community Choice Champion

2023 Green Leader Recipients

  • Emission Reduction Project of the Year - LDCA
  • Rookie of the Year - Graphenstone
  • Environmental Steward of the Year - Play Away Indoor Park
  • Green Innovation Award - Heeman's
  • Green Project Implementation Award - Charlotteville Brewing
  • Youth Leader Award - Allison Pert and Cogie Cogan
  • Community Impact Award - Indwell and Climate Action London
  • Sustainability Solutions and Innovation Award - Reforest London
  • Environmental Impact Award - Thames Talbot Land Trust
  • Volunteer Recognition - Sonja Teichert, Heenal Rajani, Seungwon Han, Tina Do, Sarah Beyea, and Wanda Stacey.

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2021 Green Leaders Recipients

We are pleased to present the 2021 Green Leader Award winners below:

  • Green Innovation Award - The Ice Box & Western Fair District
  • Rookie of the Year Award - Tepperman's
  • Emissions Reduction Project of the Year Award - Heeman's
  • Environmental Steward of the Year Award - Convertus Group
  • Green Project Implementation Award - Reimagine Co
  • Community Impact Award - Urban Roots London
  • Youth Leader Award - Indra Bishnoi
  • Sustainability Champion - Brendon Samuels

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