The Green Leader Awards is an annual celebration and award ceremony to recognize the outstanding achievements of members of the London Environmental Network and Green Economy London. In 2021, we expanded the award categories to recognize even more leaders in the environmental community and sustainability sectors. We are pleased to present the 2021 Green Leader Award winners below:

  • Green Innovation Award - The Ice Box & Western Fair District
  • Rookie of the Year Award - Tepperman's
  • Emissions Reduction Project of the Year Award - Heeman's
  • Environmental Steward of the Year Award - Convertus Group
  • Green Project Implementation Award - Reimagine Co
  • Community Impact Award - Urban Roots London
  • Youth Leader Award - Indra Bishnoi
  • Sustainability Champion - Brendon Samuels

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Director of Programs, Marianne Griffith, presents an award   Green Leader Awards are displayed on a table with LEN and GEL banners in the background

Urban Roots London team poses with their Community Impact Award   Indra Bishnoi poses with her Youth Leader Award

Will Heeman poses with the Emissions Reduction Project Award   Green Economy London members enjoy the awards at RBC Place.