With the City of London’s Multi-Year Budget under review and public engagement, we want to make it easier for you to advocate for the environment. We know you’re busy, so we have gone through the  Multi-Year Budget and pulled all the cases that intersect with environmentalism. We hope our list can guide your activism by providing a starting overview of cases. The business cases have been sorted into different environmental focus areas for easy navigation. We have ranked them based on our priorities, but we encourage you to advocate for cases that are meaningful to you.

Not sure where to start? Our first choice is Business Case #P-56: Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) Implementation Support. You can find that one under the ‘Climate Action’ tab. Supporting Business Case #P-56 is essential for moving forward climate action in London. Do you want to see climate action and sustainability prioritized in London over the next 4 years? Then let your councillors know you want this case funded in the Multi-Year Budget!

How to Get Involved:

For more information on what the Multi-Year Budget is, check this out

To advocate for what you think matters in the Multi-Year Budget, write a letter to your councillor; let them hear your voice! For information on how to write a letter or email to your councillor, check this out

To join us for our Multi-Year Budget Environmental Info session on January 16th, RSVP here

Submit your feedback by January 29th on the City’s Get Involved page here

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