Business Case #P-56: Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) Implementation Support (pg 677-693)

Description:The Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) was developed to address the climate emergency. The CEAP is a community-wide plan to reduce local greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to net-zero by 2050, improve climate change resilience, and bring everyone along in the journey toward a sustainable city. This business case is to support the implementation of the CEAP. 

This includes:

  • Home retrofit grants, 
  • Climate emergency education, 
  • Expanding the Transportation Management Association (TMA),
  • Expanding London Community Grants,
  • Creating a Neighbourhood Climate Action Champions program,
  • Using the climate lens framework
  • Climate Change Investment Fund
  • Net-zero building plan for City buildings 
  • City fleet transition to net-zero
  • Electric vehicle charging implementation of infrastructure
Environmental Impact:
  • Reduce GHG emissions from buildings
  • Reduce transportation-related emissions
  • Increased education and engagement for climate action in the community
  • Improve corporate decision-making to align with climate action goals
  • Pathway to achieve CEAP emissions reduction targets
What to ask your councillor for:
  • To support business case #P-56
  • To prioritize funding for climate action and sustainable growth

Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) Connection: ALL




Business Case #P-55: Additional Funding to Address Infrastructure Gap (pg. 671-676)

Description: This business case is to close the gap on infrastructure funding. Most notably the transportation system, recreation and sports, parks, and the fire department. With this, London can build resilient infrastructure that is beneficial to Londoners.

Environmental Impact:

  • Infrastructure investments that align with the Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP)
What to ask your councillor for:
  • To support Business case #P-55
  • To invest more in infrastructure
  • To invest more in parks
  • To invest in transportation

Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) Connection:

Area of Focus 4 – Transforming Transportation and Mobility

Area of Focus 8 – Adapting and Making London More Resilient