• Personal letters are more impactful then a template letter.
  • Stay brief and focused.
  • Be kind.
  • Limit your letter to 1-2 pages
  • Thank the councillor for any previous action taken. Councillors rarely get thanked.


  1. Address the Councillor (Make sure to use the propper titles Dr, Mrs, Mr, etc.)
  2. Introduce yourself
    1. Where do you live (Postal code)
    2. Your interest and credentials
  3. State the cause you are supporting.
    1. Voice the purpose of the letter and your concerns.
  4. Include your own experience
  5. Use 2-3 specific points.
  6. Include solutions or action you want the councillor to take
  7. Bonus: Ask their position on the issue or include a question.
  8. Request a response


Dear Councillor _________,

I am a university student here in London (N6C). I am writing to you in regards to the multi-year budget currently being discussed by council. I would like you to consider supporting more environmental funding, specifically for business cases ___ and ___.

As a university student, myself and my friends travel exclusively by bus. Yet I am very frequently on tightly cramped buses that do not come frequently enough. I believe with more funding we can run busier buses more often so that students aren’t cramped on the way to school every day. Additionally, improving the bus schedule would encourage more people to take public transit, the more environmentally friendly option.

I know in the past you have advocated for more environmental policy, and I would like to thank you for supporting the Climate Action Emergency Plan. I think now is a great time to make sure the CEAP is included in the multi-year budget, including advocacy for business case __ and ___.



London, Ontario

(Phone Number)