What is it:

December 12th, 2023, the City of London’s Draft Multi-Year Budget was released. Now, because of the newly introduced ‘Strong Mayor Powers’, Mayor Josh Morgan put forth his own budget on January 31st. His budget details which business cases from the original draft budget he approved and how much funds will be allocated to each case. However, this is still a draft. Over the next 30 days, Council will be meeting regularly to pass any resolutions to change the Mayor’s Budget. Then, any resolutions can be vetoed by the Mayor for up to 10 days. In order to overturn any of the Mayor’s vetoes, Council must vote with a two-thirds majority. You can learn more about the City’s budget process here.



What the Mayor proposes:

Earlier this year, the London Environmental Network team highlighted 28 business cases from the draft budget connected to the environment.  Now we’re sharing the funding status of those business cases according to the Mayor’s Budget. You will notice that some cases (like P-56: Climate Emergency Action Plan Implementation) are only partially funded, while other environmentally supportive cases were not funded at all.





*Percent indicates the proportion of funding received in the Mayor’s proposed budget, compared to the request in the draft budget

Are there business cases above that you think should receive more funding? Then let your Councillor and the Mayor know (send them an email or attend a Public Participation Meeting) before February 27th. 

The Climate Emergency Action Plan:

Throughout January, the London Environmental Network and its members advocated for the above business cases. Specifically, LEN advocated for business case P-56: Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) Implementation Support to be fully funded, which will support London’s climate action and environmental stewardship over the next four years. However, P-56 is proposed to get only 23% of the requested funding in the Draft Multi-Year Budget. The Mayor proposes this money be used toward 1a. Home Retrofits, 1c. Growth of the Transportation Management Association (TMA), and 3b. the Climate Change Investment (CCI) Fund.

Without full funding, this will not support the implementation of:

1b. Proactive Communications

2a. Expansion of London Community Grants Program

2b. Expansion to Community Connectors Resource Group and Community Liaisons

2c. Creation of new Neighbourhood Climate Action Champions Program

3a. Excellerate Use of Climate Lens Framework

3c. Facilities energy efficiency and resiliency measures for lifecycle renewal of existing City buildings and development of Net Zero plan.

3d. City’s fleet transition to zero emissions and clean energy technologies

3e. Review and implement a corporate ESG strategy to guide financial decision-making, enhanced ESG reporting, and carbon accounting/budgeting process

For more information about the entire business case click here


Here at LEN, we believe that climate action should be comprehensive and fully funded in order to meet our emissions targets and goals for a sustainable city! Fully funding P-56 is a small ask for a BIG impact across the city (an average $50.93/year for taxpayers over the next 4 years). Will you let your City Councillor know that you want P-56 CEAP Implementation Support (and other environmental cases that you are passionate about!) fully funded?

Action Items:

It’s not too late! Have your voice be heard.

  1. Write an email to your Councillor
  2. Speak at a Public Participation Meeting (February 27th)



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