Packing wasteless lunch

Ensuring that you food lasts until you plan to eat it is half the battle in preventing food waste, thankfully we have amassed some great resources for you to be waste free when storing your food.

The Definitive Guide to Storing Your Food Without Plastic – A great guide to where, how, and why to store your food where it is meant to go.

How to store produce without plastic – The Zero Waste Chef

Zero Waste Storage – Paris to Go

Simple Zero Waste Ways To Store Food – Gippsland Unwrapped

We hope these resources helped you be a zero-waste-hero in the kitchen! Click here for the next segment on tips to pack your lunch waste free.

My food is ready, but how do I pack my lunch to be Zero Waste?

Now that you have you food made – its time to pack and prepare it for a life on the go. Click here for our fourth installment, Packing your lunch without packing waste

Articles in our Zero Waste Lunch series:

1 – Getting Started – zero waste starts with a plan (meal planning and recipes)

2 – Shopping with a purpose – how to grocery shop and not drop the ball on the environment

3 – Packing, storing, and breaking up with plastic wrap – making sure your food lasts

4 – Packing your lunch without packing waste

5 – Wasteless Lunch Week Social Media Sharables

This series was written and created by Kaitlyn Tyschenko, the Communications and Outreach Assistant for the London Environmental Network (Summer 2017). She can be contacted at communications[at]