Wasteless Lunch week challenge

What is it?

A challenge for local London businesses and organizations to pack and make zero-waste lunches to improve our environmental efficiency and awareness of the little steps we can take each and every day to become more eco-friendly. Occurred August 14-18th 2017.

Who can join?

Anyone! Businesses, individuals, and organizations. If you care about being green, we challenge you to try!

How do you participate?

By posting on social media with the tag #WasteFreeLunch or sending your #WasteFreeLunch pictures to [email protected]

How do I pack a waste-free lunch?

Going waste free can be daunting, but it can also be tremendously rewarding and exhilarating. We aren’t leaving you hanging to dry – we have a series of posts created by LEN so this is easy as can be.

How does it work?

This challenge is simple, sign up, receive information direct to your inbox, document your #LENWasteFreeLunch on social media or send it to us via email at [email protected], and see how you can help the environment through your daily lunches.

How do I show that I’m #GreenEnough and taking the Waste Free Lunch challenge?

Let others know that you are Green Enough to take our challenge by using one of the graphics we created to attach to your emails, post on social media, or send to your friends and family.


Are you ready to take the challenge and prove you are #GreenEnough? Click the links below for all the information you need to get this challenge started.

1 – Getting Started – zero waste starts with a plan (meal planning and recipes)

2 – Shopping with a purpose – how to grocery shop and not drop the ball on the environment

3 – Packing, storing, and breaking up with plastic wrap – making sure your food lasts

4 – Packing your lunch without packing waste

5 – Wasteless Lunch Week Social Media Sharables

This series was written and created by Kaitlyn Tyschenko, the Communications and Outreach Assistant for the London Environmental Network (Summer 2017). She can be contacted at communications[at]londonenvironment.net