The 2021 Environmental Action Incubator Projects are well on their way! Learn more about them by clicking here.

The London Environmental Network's Environmental Action Incubator supports actions that demonstrate a positive impact on the local environment. Apply, get selected and then receive project support throughout the year to make your project happen! Through the Environmental Action Incubator, we partner with six groups a year to accomplish projects of their choice from the following areas:

  • Emission Reduction (two spots)
  • Waste Reduction (two spots)
  • Enhancing Waterways (two spots)

Environmental Action Incubator Support:

  • Administrative Support (bookkeeping, tracking etc.)
  • Coaching (1 on 1 meetings as needed)
  • Communications Support (promotions via our social media and e-newsletters)
  • Support creating a budget
  • Insurance to cover event
  • Shared resources (access to tables, projectors, outreach materials)
  • Educational Workshops (3 annually)
  • Access to Speaking Events (invitation to speak at Green Drinks)
  • Up to $1,000 towards the project implementation costs

2020 Environmental Action Incubator Projects

Click here to view the 2020 Projects.

Check out our pamphlet for more information or to share. 

City of London Logo   *This initiative is supported through funding from the City of London's Community Grants Program