The London Environmental Network's Environmental Action Incubator supports actions that demonstrate a positive impact on the local environment. Apply, get selected and then receive support throughout the year to make your project happen. Through the Environmental Action Incubator, we provide coaching and support to six groups a year to accomplish projects of their choice from the following areas:

  • Emission Reduction (two spots)
  • Waste Reduction (two spots)
  • Enhancing Waterways (two spots)

Environmental Action Incubator Support

  • Administrative Support (bookkeeping, tracking etc.)
  • Coaching (1 on 1 meetings as needed)
  • Communications Support (promotions via our social media and e-newsletters)
  • Support creating a budget
  • Insurance to cover event
  • Shared resources (access to tables, projectors, outreach materials)
  • Educational Workshops (3 annually)
  • Access to Speaking Events (invitation to speak at Green Drinks)
  • Up to $1,000 towards the project implementation costs

2020 Projects:

Emission Reductions


Enhancing Waterways


Waste Reduction


Check out our pamphlet for more information or to share. 

   *This initiative is supported through funding from the City of London's Community Grants Program

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  • Craig Moorhouse
    commented 2020-02-19 12:25:36 -0500
    Two ideas
    1. A potential energy store battery designed for London Ontario Set up a renewable energy project near the water treatment plant @ Spring Bank – use the electricity generated that the grid doesn’t need at the time to pump treated water uphill to a new reservoir @ Reservoir Park . When the grid needs electricity release the stored water to run downhill to power turbines.

    2. Build green, tiny home communities in London – with community shared laundry rooms – storage, community centers – cut down on the space, energy and resources needed to house people . Let the residents put their energies into building communities to ensure the comunities thrive ( I’m seeing communities in east London successfully putting energy into this area to reclaim an area that was in decline – helping residents in communities to work towards the greater good of their communities unleashes powerful transformative energies)
    Afordable manufacturing/warehousing space can be provided at
    1249 Florence Road
    Florence Ontario – for the manufacturing of such homes.

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