On January 16th, the London Environmental Network (LEN) hosted a Multi-Year Budget (MYB) Environmental Info Session to learn about ways we can advocate for environmental project spending in the City's 2024-2027 budget. We shared a TON of resources and easy ways that you can take action. Here they are below!

Calls to Action

  1. Email your City Councillor and cc the Mayor with what you want funded in the budget. For example: "I live in Ward [enter your ward #]. I reviewed the draft MYB and I care about climate action and sustainable growth. I want to see business case(s) #P-56 and [insert your priority cases here] funded in their entirety in the budget. Will you support this in the budget deliberations?"
  2. Share your input on the City’s Get Involved Online Survey by January 29th
  3. Attend the Public Participation Meetings on January 29 and February 27
  4. Share our posts to your social media feeds and even send them to your councillor!

Our Priority Cases

London Environmental Network LEN Logo

  • Priority Case: P-56: Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) Implementation Support
  • View our low-high priority cases in other environmental focus areas on our website here

ReForest London ReForest London Logo

  • Priority Cases:
    • P-32: Naturalization of Boulevards
    • P-33: River Road Park - Stabilization & Phase 1
    • P-40: Strengthening the London's Nonprofit Sector
    • P-56: CEAP Implementation Support

London Cycle Link London Cycle Link Logo

  • Ongoing advocacy priorities to support in the MYB:
    • Infrastructure - a connected grid of safe, separated bike lanes reaching all neighbourhoods
    • Maintenance - all-season maintenance of bike lanes, paths and roadsides
    • Bike Parking - increased safe, secure bike parking in all commercial areas
    • Bike Share - a city-wide bike share program
    • Education - promoting active transportation through safe cycling; share the road

Middlesex London Food Policy Council Middlesex London Food Policy Logo

  • Priority Case: P-26: Community Gardens Program Expansion to Support Food Security
  • Ongoing advocacy priorities to support in the MYB:
    • Allocate budget and people to address community food security
    • Support increased collaboration amongst the food sector
    • Preservation of rural communities and agricultural land

Thames Talbot Land Trust Thames Talbot Land Trust Logo

  • Priority cases to protect and enhance nature in the city:
    • P-62: Environmentally Significant Areas Management
    • P-32: Naturalization of Boulevards and Reduced Roadside Cutting
    • P-61: Ecological Master Planning Funding
    • P-63: Silver Creek Ecological Enhancements
  • Priority cases to protect and enhance waterways in the city:
    • WWT-2: Sewer Overflow Investigation and Mitigation Program
    • WWT-8: Sewage Bypass and Overflow Elimination Increase
    • WWT-1: Sewer Flow Monitoring Program
  • Priority case to take climate action:
    • P-56: CEAP Implementation Support

Climate Action London Climate Action London Logo

  • Read and sign the budget letter prepared at the citizen-led Sustainability Summit here.

Important Dates

  • January 29 (9am) - Deadline to submit your feedback to the City's online survey
  • January 29 (4pm) - Budget Public Participation Meeting #1
  • January 30-31 - Be on the lookout for the Mayor's budget!
  • February 27 (4pm) - Budget Public Participation Meeting #2

Presentation Slides

Click on the images below to view the pdf presentations:

Network Member Presentations:

LEN MYB Env Info Session Title Slide

City Budget Overview Presentation:City of London Budget Presentation Title Slide

Helpful Links

Thank you to all the attendees who joined us in person or online, our event host Goodwill Industries, Identity Sound Entertainment, as well as our event speakers: 
  • City of London, Financial Planning & Policy Office
  • ReForest London
  • London Cycle Link
  • Middlesex London Food Policy Council
  • Thames Talbot Land Trust, and 
  • Climate Action London

Event Recording