Living Cities

We're thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking document that charts the way for London to evolve into a Living City – a place where green infrastructure thrives, equity reigns, and abundance flourishes! 

This comprehensive document draws inspiration from the acclaimed Framework for Living Cities, a blueprint showcasing successful implementation of green infrastructure across North America and Europe. It's packed with strategies, insights, and actionable steps to guide cities on this transformative journey.

Grounded in extensive research, including academic studies, case analyses, and expert perspectives, the Framework highlights strategies that prioritize equity, promote widespread implementation, and ensure the thriving performance of green infrastructure.

Our Living Cities Policy Pathway for London takes these proven strategies and customizes them to the dynamic context of our beloved city. This visionary document evaluates the strides London has taken so far in its green infrastructure journey and presents recommendations that will propel us even further towards a greener, fairer future.


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Depave Paradise 

As a member of Green Communities Canada, the London Environmental Network has launched a Depave Paradise program for the London region! The aim of the Depave Paradise program is to secure underutilized, paved sites of 100m2 or more, and rip out the asphalt and replace it with native, stormwater retentive plants and pollination gardens.

If you'd like to support our Depave Paradise program, please consider making a donation by clicking here.

Learn more about Depave Paradise events below:


Donate to a London Depave Paradise



After the success of last year's pilot program, we are excited to announce that the Residential Rain Garden Program is back!

Selected participants will receive information guides, support with the creation of a site design plan, assistance with installing a rain garden, and reimbursement for eligible out-of-pocket expenses. 

The applications for 2023 participants are now closed. Stay tuned to hear about selected program participant & to see what this year's gardens look like!

UPDATE-2023 Rain Gardens

5 participants were selected to receive $1500 reimbursement in 2023 to create Rain Gardens on their property. Here are some photos below of completed rain gardens so far this summer:  


UPDATE-2022 Rain Gardens One Year Later:

Take a look at some of the Rain Gardens created last year and notice how they are flourishing!


Are you interested in creating a Rain Garden on your property? Read LEN's Rain Garden Homeowner Guide below! 


Read The Rain Garden Homeowner Guide


Check out some of the resulting rain gardens from the pilot program in coordination with the London Environmental Network and The City of London.