This month, we’re highlighting and appreciating Maddy, one of our own volunteers for the monthly environmental volunteer spotlight! 

If you’ve read any of our most popular blog posts, you’ve probably seen Maddy’s work in action. Maddy is the Blog Content Creator at the London Environmental Network, and her hard work has elevated our blog, and continues to educate Londoners (us included) on important topics such as clean water rights, environmental justice, Indigenous land rights!

We interviewed Maddy and here’s what she had to say:

Tell us about yourself!

"I grew up in the outskirts of London and I have always been passionate about environmental sustainability and doing my part to contribute to my community. I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in social justice and peace studies at King's University College.  I really enjoy reading, going on hikes with my Dog Lily, and going snowshoeing with my Oma."

Why did you start volunteering with the London Environmental Network? 

"I was assigned to volunteer with LEN for my Community Based Learning class in October 2020. At the beginning of the year we were given the opportunity to present our top three community partners to work with. LEN was my top choice and I was lucky enough to be assigned to work with them!"

What is a memorable moment you’ve had while volunteering?

"LEN has given me the opportunity to strengthen my writing skills and write about things that I am interested in. My role with LEN is content creator, so I get to write blog posts that are centered around environmental justice. I have also loved getting to know the LEN team and attending our weekly book club meetings! LEN has a way of making you feel welcomed and appreciated that is second to none."

Here are some of Maddy's wonderful blog posts!

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