Books and eBooks available from London Public Library locations and free to download on Hoopla and Libby.

  1. Enough is Enough: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources, Rob Dietz and Dan O'Neill (2013) Also available as an eBook. Explores strategies to conserve natural resources, reduce inequality, fix the financial system and create jobs, with the aim of maximizing long-term well-being over short-term profits.
  2. The clean money revolution : reinventing power, purpose, and capitalism, Joel Solomon (2017). Explores how "clean money" from investors is transforming capitalism by powering sustainable businesses that build social, environmental, and financial equity.
  3. Nature's fortune : how business and society thrive by investing in nature, Mark Tercek (2015). Shows how seeing nature as green infrastructure allows for breakthroughs not only in conservation: protecting water supplies, enhancing the health of fisheries, making cities more sustainable, livable and safe, and dealing with unavoidable climate change - but in economic progress, as well.
  4. On Fire: the burning case for a green new deal, Naomi Klein (2019) Also available as a Libby eBook. Underscores how we can still rise to the existential challenge of the climate crisis if we are willing to transform our systems that are producing it, making clear how the battle for a greener world is indistinguishable from the fight for our lives.
  5. The climate crisis and the global Green New Deal: The political economy of saving the planet, Noam Chomsky and Robert Pollin (2020) Only available as an eAudiobook. Argues we have to stop burning fossil fuels to produce energy within the next thirty years at most; and we have to do it in a way that also supports rising living standards and expanding opportunities for working people and the poor throughout the world.
  6. Real impact : the new economics of social change, Morgan Simon (2017). Explains the world of impact investing - investing in businesses and projects with a social and financial return - and shows what it takes to make sustainable, transformative change. 
  7. Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We're in Without Going Crazy Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone (2012). Also available as an eBook and eAudio book. Shows us how to strengthen our capacity to face environmental crises so that we can respond with resilience and creative power.