Green in the City is an annual environmental seminar series that explores key climate issues through the lenses of local, municipal, and regional speakers. In our series finale, we heard from Green Economy Canada, the City of London, Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians, and Clean Air Partnership on what steps need to be taken for a green, resilient, and just recovery in London (and beyond!). Find the 5 most important actions we learned from the workshop in this blog post!

What is a green recovery?

A green and just recovery is a movement which calls for a new economy that helps solve the climate emergency and biodiversity crises, while improving the well-being of all people and stimulating economic recovery. It is the harmonization of the environmental, social, and economic systems working together to create a better world for current and future generations to come. In July, we co-hosted a virtual Town Hall about a Green and Just Recovery in London, watch the video recording here!

High rise building overlooking Victoria Park in Downtown London

What are examples of projects that support a green recovery?

There are many projects that align with the values of sustainability, justice, reconciliation, and resiliency to create a thriving city. Here are some examples to get you thinking!

  • Green bin program 
  • Community composting 
  • Home energy retrofits - done by local contractors
  • Electrification of municipal fleet and transit
  • Safe and connected cycling infrastructure across London, and especially to the downtown core
  • Sewage separation infrastructure and clean water downstream of Thames / Antler River
  • Anti-racism lens in all City Council decisions
  • Utilizing underused spaces (like vacant parking lots, vacant buildings, etc.) for urban agriculture farms
  • Improved public transit routes 

Take Action: support a green recovery in London right now!

  1. Submit your feedback and ideas for a green recovery to the London Community Recovery Network Portal here.
  2. Submit your feedback and ideas for climate action to the Climate Emergency Action Plan online here.
  3. Continue to connect with the environmental sector - you can stay up to date on upcoming environmental events in London by signing up for our e-newsletter here. 
  4. Want to learn more? Check out this curated reading list by the London Public Library to continue your green economic recovery learning journey! 
  5. Click the image below to watch the full event recording. Learn how sustainability programs for SME’s, home energy retrofits, supporting Indigenous rights and Indigenous lives, and community engagement can contribute to a greener future:

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