Engage with the Mobility Master Plan

What is the Mobility Master Plan?

The Mobility Master Plan determines how the City will prioritize transportation for the next 25 years. This impacts infrastructure, policies, and programs around transportation.

Mode Share Goals:

Mode share is the metric of what percent of each transportation type is used by Londoners. Currently, 23% of daily trips in London are taken by walking, cycling, or public transportation and the remaining trips are by personal vehicles. The average Londoner takes 24 trips per week, with only 4 of those being cycling and 4 being transit.

Currently, Council is deciding on one of three targets, however, they have voted to eliminate option 1 in favour of the more ambitious targets.

Option 1: 61% personal vehicle-driver, 16% personal vehicle-passenger, 15% active transportation, 8% transit


Option 2: 55% personal vehicle-driver, 15% personal vehicle-passenger, 18% active transportation, 12% transit


Option 3: 50% personal vehicle-driver, 15% personal vehicle-passenger, 21% active transportation, 14% transit


Share your thoughts on the mode share goals with this easy three-question survey. 

How do you want to get around London?

After reviewing the information above, let the City know which of the three mode share goals you prefer! The London Environmental Network supports Option 3 for the mode share goal. We believe this option will lead to better public and active transit systems. This goal aligns with the City’s climate action targets and will create a connected, safe, and efficient transit system to get around the city. 

Project Evaluation Framework:

There is a draft project evaluation framework to inform infrastructure and policy recommendations. The City wants your feedback on what to prioritize in this framework when it comes to cycling, transit, and road infrastructure projects.

Share your thoughts on how the City should evaluate future infrastructure projects.

What transit projects should be prioritized?

After reviewing the information above, let the City know which infrastructure projects you want to see first!  The LEN is advocating for cycling and transit infrastructure projects to be prioritized in this framework. These projects will help to generate more active transit participation, safer roads, a more connected transit system, reliable transit times, and improved transit access for equity-deserving people.

Priorities and Needs Survey:

The City wants to know your experience getting around the city. Share your thoughts about what the City can do to improve transportation in your neighbourhood.

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What can I do to engage?

  1. Comment on what the plan's mode share goals should be (2-5 mins)
  2. Share your comments with the City about how future projects should be evaluated (3-8 mins)
  3. Complete a feedback form telling the City more about your priorities (1-4 mins)
  4. Email  [email protected] and your Councillor your feedback
    1. Find your Councillor here
    2. Learn how to write a letter to your Councillor here