Multi-Year Budget LogoLet City Council know they need to act now on their Climate Emergency Declaration. Staff have drafted a 4 year budget, accompanied with 25 business cases for City Council to deliberate over, and we need your help in supporting the environment in this budget cycle.

TreeBikeDo you want more bike lanes, better transit and more trees? Then let your Councillor know what your priorities are for environmental spending in the multi-year budget!

Significant environmental projects up for business case funding include:

Business Cases



# 5 A & B - Climate Emergency Declaration

Includes developing a climate emergency action plan (CEAP) & implementing CEAP immediate actions and projects listed below:

#1 – Energy Reduction
#2 – Transportation Demand Management
#3 – Bike Share Program
#4 – Corporate Energy 
#5 – Green City Strategy Implementation

Average of $1.22 a year per taxpayer (pg. 57)

#1 - 60% Waste Diversion Action Plan

Includes a Green Bin program as well as new recycling programs.

Average of $20.62 a year per taxpayer. (pg 11)

#3 - B - Back to the River

Includes environmental assessments, erosion control and a waterfront revitalization project.

0$ property tax increase. Funding found in reserves and capital budget. (pg. 29)

#15 - Subsidized Transit Program

Includes subsidies for visually impaired, seniors, low-come and youth between 12-17.  Youth under 12 ride for free

Average of $1.13 a year per taxpayer (pg. 150)

#25 - Winter Maintenance Program - Just Sidewalks & Bus Stops (not roads)

Specifically the increase in sidewalk and bus stop clearings, do not increase spending on road clearing as driving should be the lowest priority for mode of transit and we should be de-incentivizing driving.

Average $2.2 million over 4 years ($550,000 a year) for increasing sidewalk and bus clearing. (pg. 214)

*Find out what our cycling friends (London Cycle Link & WATS) are seeking for bikes in the budget.

Actions to show your
support for the environment:

A dollar spent on climate action today saves between $2 to $10 in economic benefits in the future. Help make London more resilient to climate change in the coming decades. “Either we delay and pay, or we have a plan and prosper,” Christiana Figueres, former head of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Read more about the City's drafted budget here. Find out more on specific business cases you want to support by clicking here.

Skylar Franke


Executive Director at London Environmental Network