City Councillor Contact Information

Ward Name Email Phone Facebook Twitter
1 Michael van Holst 519-661-CITY (2489) Ext. 4001 Councillor Van Holst @mikevanholst
2 Shawn Lewis 519-661-CITY (2489) Ext. 4002 Councillor Shawn Lewis @shawnwlewis
3 Mohamed Salih 226-926-7615 Councillor Mo Salih @MohamedMOSalih
4 Jesse Helmer 226-926-9063 Councillor Jesse Helmer
5 Maureen Cassidy 226-927-0283 Councillor Maureen Cassidy
6 Phil Squire 226-927-1835 Councillor Phil Squire None
7 Josh Morgan 226-927-0395 Councillor Josh Morgan @JoshMorganLDN
8 Steve Lehman 226-219-7014 None None
9 Anna Hopkins 226-927-0439 Councillor Anna Hopkins @AnnaHopkins11
10 Paul Van Meerbergen 519-200-4253 Councillor Paul Van Meerbergen None
11 Steve Turner 226-927-0765 Councillor Steve Turner
12 Elizabeth Peloza 519-200-4987 Councillor Elizabeth Peloza
13 Arielle Kayabaga 519-661-CITY (2489) Ext. 4013 Councillor Arielle Kayabaga @ArielkeK
14 Steve Hillier 519-661-CITY (2489) Ext. 4014 Councillor Steve Hillier None
Mayor Ed Holder 519-661-4920 None @ldnontmayor


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