Antler River Rally logoProject Category: Enhancing Waterways

Project Description:

Antler River Rally Cleanup & Creativity Contest: Clean up the river (or green space) and create a piece of art about the experience! Antler River Rally invites you to participate in a river or green-space cleanup, and produce photos, artwork, and/or words that arise out of the experiences of practicing ecological stewardship. You are encouraged to join one of ARR's regularly scheduled cleanups and/or take part in your own personal or family cleanup. This project will motivate action and inspire others through art! The Antler River Rally will hold a contest for the best submissions with prizes for the winning piece in the following categories:  

Category First Prize Second Prize First Prize - Youth (ages 12 & under) Honorable Mention - Youth (ages 12 & under)
Photography or Short Film $200 $100 $50 $25
Written Work $200 $100 $50 $25
Visual Art $200 $100 $50



How to Support this Project:

  • Share this page on social media and tell your friends about it!
  • Attend upcoming river clean-ups hosted by Antler River Rally (visit their website for updates) or start your own clean-up with your household!
  • Submit your artwork to the contest below:

The Creativity Contest is officially open for submissions!

View the participation instructions here.

Submit your artwork here.