We had the pleasure of co-organizing the first-ever EarthFest and Climate March at Victoria Park on April 22nd with the Environmental Action Committee! It was a fabulous day, filled with lots of activities, music, and passion for climate action. If you joined us at EarthFest as an attendee or volunteer, thank you! And if you couldn't make it, we hope to see you at next year's EarthFest event!

After all of the energy and action of EarthFest, you might be asking yourself: Now what? How can I bring about real and effective change in the city? How can I get others to put the planet over profit 365 days a year?

We hear you. It is a challenge to keep this energy up year round for climate action. Unfortunately, there is no magic button to make it happen overnight (but if there was...). However, we believe that we can create change, individually and collectively. So we're sharing some ways that we can push for system-level change year-round:

Farm Stand

  • Vote with your dollar. As much as you can, support local businesses that put the planet before profit, provide fair and safe working conditions for employees, and give back to the community.

MP Postcards

  • Let your elected officials (MP, MPP, Councillor and Trustees) know that you want to see climate action prioritized. Find our MP postcards at our outreach booths in the community this summer!

Turtle Island Healing Walk


  • We have a provincial election coming up in June AND a municipal election in October. Learn about the candidates and how their platforms plan to make the necessary changes towards an equitable society and a circular economy - your vote counts.

LEN Event Photo

  • Sign up for our newsletter to be in the know on upcoming events and volunteer opportunities to continue your environmental education journey and give back to the environment! We have 2 Depave Paradise events and a rain barrel fundraiser coming up in June 2022!

Rain Garden

  • To reach local emission reductions targets, London homes need to become more energy efficient. Our Greener Homes London program provides free resources to help residents make sustainable changes in their homes!

These are just a FEW actions that can add up to large scale change. If we continue to build on this momentum for climate action and keep the pressure on our political leaders and corporations, change will happen.