Ever wondered what changes you could make in your daily routine to live more sustainably and environmentally conscious? Look no further, we at London Environmental Network have compiled a list of 4 tips to help you live more green!

wind turbine surrounded by grass

Wind turbine surrounded by grass by Appolinary Kalashnikova

1) Save energy and save water

When you reduce the amount of energy you use, you reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Lowering the heat in your house, turning off appliances not in use, using smart power strips, changing your light bulbs, and weatherizing you home are a few ways you can save energy! As well, make sure to be water wise by fixing leaky faucets and toilets, taking shorter showers and less baths, and switching to low-flow and low-water appliance options.


school of fish in water

School of fish in water by Naja Bertolt Jensen

2) Go paperless, go plastic-free

Stop purchasing plastic water bottles at the local grocery store or buying products that package heavily with plastic. Thousands of sea creatures, including turtles, seals and sea birds, ingest or get tangled up in plastic waste found in the ocean every year. Additionally, try going paperless by opting for 'e-mail options' rather than receiving letters in the mail, only printing off important documents, and asking for receipts to be e-mailed instead of printed.


white single-cab truck with signage

White single-cab truck with signage by Chrissie Kremer

3) Old outfit, new you

Stop fast-fashion's grip on you and the environment by changing your clothes shopping habits. Don't fall for 'fear of missing out' schemes that pressure you to buy more than you need, find some local charity shops or thrift stores to shop at, and make sure to donate your old clothing! You should also do some much needed cleaning in your e-mail inbox by unsubscribing to retailers who are constantly spamming you with new sales and deals. Shop less and shop smart!


people walking on train station

People walking on train station by Pitua Sutanto

4) Travel sustainably

There are plenty of different, more environmentally conscious ways to travel - whether it is to work, school, errands or a trip around town. Consider carpooling with friends or co-workers, or use public transit systems like buses or the subway. Activities such as walking, cycling, skateboarding and roller skating are also great ways to travel locally when weather permits. Furthermore, replacing diesel and petrol cars with environmentally friendly alternatives is another way to travel more sustainably! 

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