The resources below are intended to help your group think through all stages of the volunteer management cycle to create a strong volunteer program. Good planning within each stage of the cycle can increase your group’s capacity by helping you retain great volunteers!


(Source: Community Literacy Ontario)

We have prepared a guide and a set of templates, resources and examples for each stage of the volunteer management cycle.

Volunteer Program Planning

This stage of the cycle involves conducting a needs assessment within your group to identify areas in your group that could benefit from volunteers, and who within your group may be best suited to supervise new volunteers.

Volunteer Recruitment

This stage of the cycle involves the creation of volunteer position descriptions, the creation of an outreach plan, a volunteer page on your website (if applicable), creation and collection of volunteer applications, as well as volunteer screening.

Volunteer Onboarding, Orientation & Training

This stage of the cycle occurs after you have selected the right volunteer for the job and are preparing them to join your team. Included in this stage is the creation and collection of volunteer records, planning and facilitation of a volunteer orientation, as well as the creation of a supervision plan for your volunteers.

Volunteer Evaluation & Recognition

Throughout the course of a volunteer’s involvement with your group, their contributions to the group’s work should be evaluated and recognized. This stage includes providing formal and informal feedback to your volunteer about their performance, celebrating their accomplishments, and using their insight to improve your volunteer program.

General Volunteer Management Resources