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The PATCH's mission is to provide programs in urban agriculture skills training, horticultural therapy, as well as offer opportunities for hospitality and celebration in the community.

Goals and Objectives

The PATCH (People, Agriculture, Training&Therapy, Community, Hospitality) is a collaborative project by Hutton House, Nathan T. Deslippe Memorial Fund and Kensington Village Association to bring urban agriculture skills training, horticultural therapy, and community hospitality to everyone in London but most especially to people with disabilities, at-risk youth and people experiencing homelessness and poverty.

While the emphasis of the project is on training and therapy, the food grown through PATCH programming is distributed to people in need at a number of local agencies including ANOVA, Y.O.U, Ark Aid, and Sanctuary London.

The programs of PATCH are offered through in-person, on-line and in blended workshops of various lengths.

PATCH has two physical locations:

(1) Cavendish Community Food Hub located in the heart of London at Cavendish Park; and

(2) Nathan’s Urban Farm located at The Grove in Western Fair District.

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