Recently, the London Environmental Network launched our first podcast; "London, ON: One of Canada's Greenest Cities?"! The host, Molly, speaks with local experts in particular fields to discuss London's environmental and ecological health, and asks just how green and resilient the "Forest City" is. With the launch of the podcast we thought it would be interesting to hear from LEN staff and volunteers on their favourite environmental podcasts, books, and films they consume and why you might be interested in them too. This week we decided to focus on podcast picks - stay tuned for book and film recommendations in the upcoming weeks!

Ologies Podcast Art

Leah's Pick: Ologies       
I have been a long-time listener of Ologies and my favourite thing about it is how diverse the topics and guests are. In the podcast, host Alie Ward interviews "ologists" or experts in their respective fields. Topics like dendrology (trees), oceanology (oceans), and biogerontology (aging), ferroequinology (trains), and more are all explored through a curious lens. I have learned so much about science through this podcast series. If this interests you, I would refer you to our member Nature London who engage with the public to build interest and understanding of nature. 


Vox Conversations Cover Art

Marianne's Pick: The Ezra Klein Show featuring Saul Griffith   
Saul Griffith's arguments are as aligned with mine as his last name. In this podcast episode, he and Ezra chat about how to decarbonize America and create jobs wile doing it. It screams electrification from the mountaintops and is unapologetic about the fact that we need to make serious, warlike, mobilization efforts toward electrification and focus on better utilizing the technologies we already have. Although it is USA centric, the messaging spans North of the border and is a must listen for anyone who wants to punch back at fossil fuel worshipping naysayers. If you are wanting to get involved with climate action, check out our member Future Majority who amplify the concerns of young Canadians. 


The Green Majority Cover Art

Nicole's Pick: The Green Majority    
The Green Majority discusses Canadian and international environmental issues in a political and scientific context. As a new listener to this podcast I have a lot of catching up to do as this podcast started back in 2006. The host, Jordan Poppenk, along with guests dive into headlining topics, incorporating the larger context, different perspectives, and dismantling environmental dissent. The podcast aims to bring a range of guests on environmental issues to put the focus on those who have been impacted by climate change and environmental injustices. If you want to start listening to The Green Majority a great episode to begin with is "A Moment of Truth" which discuss UNDRIP legislation, the arctic, Indigenous and allied pipeline struggles, salmon and the legacy of a gold mine. If this inspires you, check out the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation - Treaties, Land and Environment Dept who educate members and community towards an ecologically responsible and sustainable future, and consult on various Indigenous treaties and land issues locally. 


Hot Take Cover ArtSarah's Pick: Hot Take      
This podcast covers the climate crisis and analyses the ways we're talking - and not taking - about it. It uses an intersectional lens to address the climate crisis with the goal of making the conversation more productive and powerful. I enjoy this podcast because it addresses the bigger picture of climate change. Check out our member Climate Action London who are aiming to have London and area meeting or exceed the GHG emissions targets set by the Paris Accord. 

Canadaland Cover Art Skylar's Pick: Crude - Commons - Canadaland    
This podcast gives you the inside scoop on big oil and gas operations in Canada. From abandoned orphan wells left for the public to clean up - to deep sea drilling and spills, this podcast provides a comprehensive look at Canada's fossil fuel extraction industry. If this inspires you, I would suggest that you check out our member Extinction Rebellion London, who advocate for a fossil-fuel free society.