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Getting involved with ReForest London is a great way to meet new people, make valuable contacts and connections, fine tune your craft, and gain new skills and knowledge, all while giving back to your community. Our events take place all over London, Ontario, so if you live in London, there will be opportunities to volunteer near you.

Our volunteers help us plant and care for thousands of trees every year, and educate Londoner's about the importance of trees. If you are interested in trees, the environment or natural ecosystem health, please help support ReForest London and the Million Tree Challenge.

Additional volunteer opportunities with ReForest London include:

  • Tree Planter
  • Tree Aftercare Assistant
  • Tree Specialist
  • Storyteller (Year round)
  • Community Liaison (Year round)
  • Tree Teacher
  • Translator (Year round)
  • Transportation Specialist
  • Office Assistant (Year round)
  • Committee Member (Year round)
  • Tree Mascot (Year round)

Click here to learn more about each of these opportunities on the ReForest London website and apply today.