When April 30, 2021 at 11:30am 1 hr
Where Online Event
Random Acts of Green

Join us as we discuss implementing sustainable habits in consumption groups, such as energy, waste, water, transportation and food.

What this workshop is about:

The daily choices of individuals will influence decision-makers in government and corporations on a global level. Encouraging sustainable habits within major consumption groups, such as energy, waste, water, energy, transportation, and food, will be essential in progressing toward a more sustainable future. This workshop examines key areas in how to grow more sustainable habits and how to encourage individuals to shift their choices that meet basic needs that provide a better quality of life and minimize the use of natural resources and emissions.

The overall objective of this workshop will be to discuss some ways to successfully influence collectively acceptable behaviours and shape, reconstruct, challenge, and change perceptions and associated social norms to discourage unsustainable behaviour and introduce, as well as encourage, more sustainable lifestyles through various research-drive behaviour change methods.

Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of this workshop, attendants should be familiar with the below.

-Depth and breadth of knowledge

-Demonstrate an understanding of the opportunities and barriers to sustainable lifestyles

-Exhibit an understanding of sustainable communication - specifically within the social media realm

-Be able to place this understanding in the context of how various institutions, such as government, corporations, and the general public can participate in more sustainable choices

Application of Knowledge:

-Be able to apply the understanding of habits and their importance in contemporary sustainability and related environmental and resource issues

Workshop Questions:

-What are the barriers to developing more sustainable lifestyles?

-How can we ensure that sustainability becomes more socially acceptable?

-How can we encourage sustainable lifestyles, not just sustainable habits?

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