We are excited to announce a new green infrastructure initiative: an urban mini-forest! With the support from TD Friends of the Environment, Green Communities Canada, Nature London, and ReForest London, LEN will be planting a mini forest within an equitably deserving location of London.

Stay tuned for upcoming details and exclusive updates on this exciting project!

What is a mini-forest? 

A mini-forest is a community of native trees and shrubs that are planted closely together within an urban setting. Mini-forests utilize a multi-layered design; mimicking the uniqueness of a natural forest. These dense plantings result in taller plants in a shorter time period, as the trees grow quickly towards the sun to compete for resources. 

Mini-forests provide multiple environmental, social, and health benefits including reducing air pollution, mitigating the heat island effect, increasing biodiversity, capturing carbon, and increasing accessible green space for the community.


   Green Communities Canada

    ReForest London