The Bird-Friendly City campaign is an initiative started by Nature Canada. A Bird Friendly City is a city that is creating safer urban environments by focusing on three main aspects: reducing threats to birds, restoring habitat and natural spaces, and educating and mobilizing the public.

The London Bird Friendly City Team will organize a variety of projects such as support in developing campaign strategies, communications to the community about birds, birding events and much more! 

The London Bird Friendly Team is lead on a local level by a motivated group of people, which currently includes:

  • Friends of Stoney Creek
  • London Environmental Network
  • Nature London
  • Salthaven
  • Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
  • The Advanced Facility for Avian Research at Western University

Our Culture:

Small but mighty is our trademark! If you are the successful candidate you will be working closely with our voluntary team to achieve both your personal goals and the organizational goals. We meet monthly online and are a group of dedicated volunteers, with some independent work in between meetings (about 2-4 hours a month).

Volunteer Tasks:

  • Writing copy and organizing blog posts for the website
  • Sharing content on the Bird Team's social media (Twitter and Facebook)
  • Help organize bird related events (such as Accessibility for Birding, City Bird Beer Launch, Retrofit events) 
  • Help creating communication tools 
  • Outreach presentations (example: schools)
  • Keeping abreast of municipal, provincial and federal bird related issues, and help write policy recommendations
  • Special projects as the Bird Team decides

To learn more and apply - complete this application form. 

Skylar Franke


Executive Director at London Environmental Network