We’re thrilled to introduce a new program this year! The LEN is partnering with Green Communities Canada to help London evolve into a Living City - a place where green infrastructure thrives, equity reigns, and abundance flourishes! 

This initiative will be transforming underutilized areas into lush green infrastructure designs within equitably deserving locations of London. 

Why is This Important?

As cities continues to evolve and expand, natural land cover is lost and replaced with hardened surfaces, entire ecosystems continue to be destroyed, and the heat island effect is becoming more intense. Losing these natural systems makes our cities more vulnerable to climate change. Green infrastructure projects are absolutely vital to help mitigate these issues.

Check out this diagram from Green Communities Canada that depicts how green infrastructure benefits more than just the environment, and is crucial for the overall health of our community. 


Living Cities Framework                                            

Below is a comprehensive document that draws inspiration from the acclaimed framework for Living Cities, a blueprint showcasing successful implementation of global green infrastructure initiatives. It is packed with strategies, insights, and actionable steps to guide cities on this transformative journey.


Grounded in extensive research, this framework highlights strategies that prioritize equity, promote widespread implementation, and ensure the thriving performance of green infrastructure. Our Living Cities Policy Pathway for London takes these proven strategies and customizes them to the dynamic context of our beloved city. This visionary document evaluates the strides London has taken so far in its green infrastructure journey and presents recommendations that will propel us even further towards a greener, fairer future.

The London Environmental Network Living Cities Initiative's

Coming soon! Stay tuned on more updates on our Living Cities project!

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