Green in the City Series

2021 Events:

The Future of Masonville – Planning for Sustainable Growth | Watch here.
Learn more about the future growth and plans for the Masonville area in London, ON in this panel discussion! The draft of the Masonville Secondary Plan was presented in March of this year to the Planning and Environment Committee and London Municipal Council to start community consultation. Read the plan here: and join this special Green in the City session to hear about what's planned for Masonville and find out how your voice can be heard as this plan develops.

Ontario's First Neighbourhood Powered by the Sun: West 5 | Watch here.
Buildings that target net zero energy. Solar parkades, streetlights, and art installations. You may have noticed Sifton's West 5 development in London's west end. Here's your chance to learn more and ask questions about this future-minded community. Stay tuned for the recording.

Hope Matters: Tackling Eco-Anxiety and Inspiring Climate Action | Watch here.
Whether you're experiencing climate anxiety or want to feel inspired, we invite you to learn about your role in creating a better future. In this event, we will be hearing from author and speaker Dr. Elin Kelsey (author of Hope Matters: Why Changing the Way We Think Is Critical to Solving the Environmental Crisis) as well as local youth councillor Rimsha Ashraf from Young London. This event is opened by poet and spoken word artist, Sunday Ajak, with support from the London Arts Council.

Climate Engagement Tools - Just a Click Away | Watch here.
In this workshop, we'll learn about the online tools available for you to take climate action from home! This workshop features an overview of online climate engagement tools provided by City of London staff, a walk-through of Project Neutral, an online platform to calculate your household's carbon footprint in five minutes, a crash-course from the London Environmental Network on how to get involved in London's environmental sector, and an overview of the eDemocracy Climate Plan Simulator. Plus, this event is opened by local artist and musician DJ Kevin Evans, supported by the London Arts Live program. 

Connecting Global Climate Change to Local Impacts and Solutions | Watch here.
In this event, we will hear from Dr. Katharine Hayhoe about connecting global climate change to local impacts and solutions. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions about climate change impacts and how London communities can mitigate and adapt to climate change for a green and resilient future. 

Developing London's Green Bin Program | Watch here.
In this event, City of London staff present an overview on what a Green Bin program might look like in London as the City collects feedback this winter through The City wants to learn about how you would use a Green Bin, and hear your thoughts on what should go in the Green Bin and what container size you would use. You will also hear about Green Bin experiences from municipal staff in the Region of Waterloo and City of Hamilton. 

Click here to watch the Green in the City 2021 playlist on YouTube.

2020 Events:

Food waste graphic

Tackling Food Waste | Watch here.
Explore how like-minded cities are creating a circular economy and eliminating food waste, London's food waste reduction efforts, and how you can make some simple changes in your life to reduce food waste.

Making Sustainable Transportation Choices | Watch here. Transportation Graphic
Learn how public transit systems, Transportation Demand Management strategies, and cycling can empower you and create a sustainable city and healthier environment for all.

Urban Agriculture in Your Backyard & Community | Watch here. Urban Agriculture Graphic
Listen to three different perspectives about how the urban agriculture movement is growing, and how you can become a part of it in London.

City Symposium on Responsible Consumption & Production | Watch here.Sustainable Consumption Graphic
Inspired by Sustainable Development Goal #15, we ask four brilliant people, what would responsible consumption and production look like in London? 

COVID-19 and a Green Economic Recovery | Watch here. Green Economic Recovery Graphic
In our series finale, we explore what strategies, partnerships, and projects should be implemented for a green economic recovery in London. We hear from four regional and local speakers that share our vision for a green and resilient future, and learn from their diverse approaches on how to get there through collaborative action. 

Click here to watch the Green in the City 2020 playlist on Youtube.