Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Green London Tour!

Green London Tour Infograph

Although we wrapped up the Green London Tour on May 1st, there are still plenty of opportunities in our home, commute, workplace, and daily lives to affect positive change in the environment. Now more than ever, we know that climate action is essential for the well-being of current and future generations on this planet. That's why we wanted to keep the Green London Tour activity cards accessible online! Check out the 50+ activities you can participate in year-round to support a greener London by clicking on the image below. These activities can be completed individually or with your households online, at home, or safely outdoors by following local and provincial health and safety guidelines.

Why the Green London Tour Matters

The Green London Tour helps to raise awareness about what everyone can do to take climate action in their daily lives. We know that individual actions can feel pretty small and inconsequential in the grand scheme of climate change. But individual actions *do* make a difference, especially when a large group of people are doing them at the same time! We feel inspired by individual and collective climate action, and we hope that these activities make you feel inspired while making a real difference in your community too.

Why else should you take the Green London Tour?

  • Most activities in the challenge are designed for all ages and abilities, but feel free to customize them to fit your lifestyle.
  • Most activities in the challenge are family-friendly! Engage your children in fun activities that teach them the value of sustainability and environmental awareness.
  • Many activities help support local and sustainable businesses in London, which is an essential part of having a sustainable and resilient city!

The Green London Tour is part of our ongoing campaign to Green London Now. Learn more here.