MTE Consultants:

In 2023, MTE Consultants achieved their platinum target in environmental stewardship by implementing 10 stewardship projects! They have also set an absolute GHG emissions reduction target and committed to reducing emissions by 10% over the next 10 years.

Let's Talk Science:

Let's Talk Science has set a platinum target in environmental stewardship committing to completing a minimum of 10 stewardship projects. Additionally, they have set a bronze target for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and waste, aiming to achieve a 20% reduction over the next 10 years.

Bluestone Properties:

BlueStone demonstrates a commitment to the environment by integrating sustainability into their operations. They have set a platinum target in environmental stewardship, and have committed to completing a minimum of 10 stewardship projects by 2026.

Responsible Pest Management: A Guide for Home and Business Owners

The guest speakers discuss how common rodenticides are detrimental to wildlife, specifically birds of prey through secondary poisoning. Learn practical strategies for preventing and managing rodent pests including creating nearby habitats for raptors, identifying and sealing entry points, and applying rodent deterrents.

Building with Nature: An Introduction to Mass Timber in Construction

The speaker Steven Street from Wood WORKS! Ontario has 20 years of experience developing domestic markets for wood products by creating new opportunities, driving change, and expanding the acceptance of wood structural systems in Canada. Steven will explore numerous topics such as the benefits of mass timber, including its cost-effectiveness, time efficiency and positive environmental impact, sustainable procurement practices, and current challenges. You will also gain valuable insight on initiating your own mass timber project.

Leverage the Benefits of Energy and Gas Saving Incentives

This is a recording of Green Economy London's webinar on how to help your business sustainable by leveraging current incentive programs. This discussion features guest speakers from Save ON Energy and Enbridge Gas to talks to us about the different incentive programs offered. We also launched our new resource for Green Economy Leaders, the GHG Emissions Reduction Guidebook.

WASTE NOT: Reducing Waste for a Sustainable Future

This is a recording of Green Economy London's waste webinar about waste reduction strategies for consumers and businesses, and how addressing food waste supports resilient food systems and a sustainable future. This discussion featured two incredible guest speakers from the zero waste and sustainable food systems landscape, Heenal Rajani from Reimagine Co. and Dr. Peggy O'Neil, Lecturer at Brescia University College.