Forij Thrills logoProject Category: Waste Reduction

Project Description:

The Forest City Harvest - Sustainable Unboxing Episode hosted by Forij Thrills, is an online event that educates residents about the uses of urban-wild plants. This includes culinary, wellness and household applications. While watching the event, guests will be able to participate at home with their curated zero-waste boxes. Additionally, the event will be available online afterward! This event explores how to minimize waste through balancing materialistic purchases and finding it in what nature already provides, and feature local and zero-waste partners. 

Left: Katelyn Landry (founder), Right: a sea buckthorn juice is poured into a tea.

How to Support this Project:

  • See our blog post about this project here.
  • Click here for a full event recap and recordings on Forij Thrills' blog! 


Photos by Forij Thrills