Forij Thrills presents Forest City Harvest: A Sustainable Unboxing Episode, an online event that aims to educate residents about the uses of urban-wild plants.

Forest City Harvest: A Sustainable Unboxing Episode is an immersive online event that invites participants to learn and explore the surrounding urban-wild forests. This project aims to educate the public on culinary, wellness, and household applications of urban-wild plants.

LONDON, ON – As a part of the London Environmental Network’s Environmental Action Incubator program (EAI), Forest City Harvest: A Sustainable Unboxing Episode hosted by Forij Thrills encourages people to learn how to minimize waste by balancing materialistic purchases and finding it in what nature already provides. 

The significance of this project is to provide a rewilding experience with an interactive virtual episode demonstrating the potential foraged ingredients can have a sustainable lifestyle,” says Katelyn Landry, founder and creative director of Forij Thrills.

Participants will receive a curated Forij Thrills “Harvest Box” containing a variety of goodies that they will be exploring, creating, and tasting during a live watch party on Sunday August 22nd at 1pm, right from the comfort of their home. The curated boxes will provide a unique experience for participants, as they will get a look at this season’s most delightful urban-wild ingredients ranging from weeds to wild delicacies.

Tea made with sea buckthorn, one of the foraged ingredients included in the Harvest Box.

We'll have a focus on demonstrating how we can efficiently work towards reducing packaging by using plant based or reusable materials,” explains Landry. The curated boxes will be featuring local and zero-waste partners including London Training Centre, Growing Chefs, Entangled Roots and A Friendlier Company. 

Forest City Harvest: A Sustainable Unboxing Episode is a great example of spreading public awareness on the uses of urban-wild plants within our community. Educating others on small changes they can make to reduce the amount of waste we produce is essential, and this interactive session will allow the public to gain an in-depth, tasteful experience on how to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

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