You Are Power Radio

Personal Development through Storytelling. African-Centered and Indigenous Perspectives. 


Dobijoki Emanuela

African-Centered Personal Development.


Retweet Podcast

Culturally relevant discussions with real people from an intersectional lens; They want their listeners to look at their everyday experiences from a different perspective.



PLUMP! is a space for London's BIPOC community. A space where people can cultivate their passions, share perspectives, learn new things and get inspired by those around us.


Authentic Essence Unleashed - A.E.U.

Social Enterprise Personal Development Company focused on Re-inventing, Unifying and Developing the black/African community through safe spaces, events/workshops & initiative projects. 


FAM Coaching & Consulting

Proudly offering life coaching, consulting, speaking & corporate training to elevate self- and organizational-growth.


Beyond Racism & Privilege Work London

The mission of BR London is to educate and offer resources, events and connections for those who are willing to do the very important work of identifying, challenging, and changing the values, structures and behaviours that perpetuate systemic racism.


Black Lives Matter London

A page dedicated to uplifting the Black community in London, Ontario and worldwide!