Shared Bike Path
Cycling in London

London has many enjoyable routes to bike on, including the Thames Valley Parkway, quiet side streets and some protected bike lanes. Aspirations for connected cycling network, that is accessible for all riders, will help Londoners move around the city in a healthy and affordable way without causing any emissions. If we want to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, increasing rates of cycling is an integral part of the solution.

The Executive Summary 2016 Cycling Master Plan is intended to create cohesive and continuous on/off road facilities to serve the many Londoners who want to cycle more but feel unsafe doing so. Research shows that building and promoting cycling can improve health, the environment, tourism, safety, the economy, and social interactions. You can find some cycling information from the City here. The plan describes the importance of both infrastructure improvements and programming to encourage and educate new riders and can be found here.

You can get involved with cycling groups such as London Cycle Link, CAN Bike London and Big Bike Giveaway here.


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