Big thumbs up to London’s Green Bin program! Thanks to the City of London, starting January 15th, 2024, Londoners can decrease their carbon footprint by participating in London’s Green Bin Program!

So what’s the big deal with composting anyway? 

Food scraps that get put into garbage aren’t able to properly decompose in landfills. Instead, they rot and release gasses into the atmosphere, which contributes to the warming of our planet. When we compost, we decrease waste from entering our landfills. If more food waste is being composted, less ends up in landfills, which helps to reduce the greenhouse gas effect. 

In addition, compost balances the density of our soil- breaking down soil that is too tight, and compacts soil that is too loose. Just like humans, soil and plants need essential nutrients to stay strong and healthy. Compost adds these extra necessary nutrients to the soil, helping all the beneficial microorganisms, insects, and fungi that live there along the way.  Some of the essential nutrients that compost provides are Nitrogen, Carbon, Potassium, and Phosphorus. Composting is essential for the health of our soil and longevity of our planet.

In sum, composting helps to retain soil moisture, enriches the health of plants, decreases the greenhouse gas effect, and increases overall biodiversity- all in which contribute to healthy plants, ecosystems, and food systems.                                                                            

Now… How can my family compost correctly? 
Residents participating in London’s Green Bin Program have more options when it comes to what to compost, compared to personal composting systems. Check out below:

London’s Green Bin Program: 

What to put in your Green Bin:

  • Any food scraps, animal bones, grease, oil
  • Paper towel, cardboard, lawn clippings

What not to add to your Green Bin:

  • Diapers
  • Pet waste

Green bins will be collected weekly. Keep an eye out for the delivery of your green bin! Click here to learn more about London's Green Bin Program.

Stay tuned for more blog posts on how to reduce your waste! 

Joanna MacLeod
Sustainability Coordinator
The London Environmental Network
[email protected]