When April 11, 2021 at 12:00pm 2 hrs
Where Various Locations London, ON, Canada

Community Moth-Up Poster

The European Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar) is an invasive species that damages trees in the London region - particularly maple, elm, and oak trees. Due to the lifecycle of the gypsy moths, it's important to remove as many egg masses from the trees as possible between September-April before they hatch in late April. Learn more about the gypsy moth and the City of London's integrated pest management approach here.

The Community Moth-Up is a socially-distanced event where Londoners can take action to remove as many European Gypsy Moths as possible to keep trees in our communities healthy! Moth-ups will take place at various parks and high-priority locations across London to remove the gypsy moth egg masses from trees on April 11th from 12-2pm. The groups with the most eggs removed at the end of the event will win a prize! Prizes include $25 gift cards to local businesses (x4) and a $50 gift card to a local business plus a tree planted in ReForest London's Celebration Forest!

Sign up to "moth-up"!

  1. Register through Eventbrite and fill in your name, email, group name(if applicable), group size (if applicable), if you require gypsy moth removal kit(s), and location. We've listed high-priority locations where moth-ups are most needed but you can enter a different location within the London region if you'd like.
  2. After registering, we'll send you the instructions, a list of equipment needed, and training videos so you are prepared to participate in the moth-up on April 11th.
  3. On April 11th, go to your selected site and remove egg masses from trees. Keep count of the number of egg masses removed, remember the team with the most egg masses will win!
  4. After the event, enter the number of eggs collected by you and your team (if applicable) and then discard your collection appropriately. We'll send you a link to this form on the moth-up day.

To register on Eventbrite click here!

Participants must follow all COVID-19 protocols as indicated on the Middlesex London Health Unit's website here.

Learn more about the European Gypsy Moth here and how to get involved here. (Source: City of London)

This event is supported by the London Environmental Network's Environmental Action Incubator Program. Learn more about the Community Moth-Up project here.